in our experience...

exploring the many ways of living well with Nourish Yoga Training

we know some great people

and we love talking to them! In Our Experience…was born from the realisation that we were having some amazing conversations and we wanted to share those conversations with our community.

what to expect

In each episode, our founder Harriet will talk to a guest about what’s nourishing them, their values, and their ideas about living well. Each episode is around 35 minutes long. We’ll provide show notes and a full transcript of each episode for you to enjoy as well. Of course, we’re bring Nourish’s values of inclusion, joy and being person-centred to every episode being a mixture of the silly and serious, playful and profound.

not just a yoga podcast

Yes, we train people to be yoga teachers…and yes, a lot of our guests are yoga teachers, BUT: we aim to go beyond postures and off the mat into the real world, exploring the many ways of living well with each of our guests. If you’re a yoga teacher there’ll be yoga talk (naturally) but we’re aim to draw wider circles by entertaining, educating and delighting.

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