nourish yoga training

Nourish Yoga Training facilitates journeys of exploration and transformation through our workshops,  pregnancy & postnatal, and 300 hour yoga teacher training programs, and our vibrant program of continuing education. We aim to deliver high-quality, trauma-informed and accessible online courses. While training to be a yoga teacher is a program of professional development, we also know that it’s a process of personal transformation and growth. 

our vision

Our vision is to foster a community of compassionate, informed and inclusive yoga teachers. 

We do this by cultivating a person-centred approach to our work: we put people, rather than practice or dogma at the heart of what we teach and share. We gather evidence, listen to diverse voices, and celebrate people doing incredible work. 

from our lead trainer, harriet

I distinctly remember when I decided to embark on my yoga teacher training. It was halfway through the first year of my Masters dissertation, and from the outside, I could have easily been stressed up to my eyeballs balancing all the coursework, research, writing and teaching to which I was committed. 

Instead, I remember a feeling of serenity, ability and calm. I felt entirely competent and able to juggle the various workloads and deadlines that had been set. I just wasn’t stressed. Sure there was a lot going on (that was obvious to anyone) but I was present, in control and able to handle it. 

There was (and still is) no doubt in my mind that this was because of my yoga practice. That was my moment of clarity. When I realised that the personal practice I had cultivated throughout the years was something I wanted to share with other people. Because that feeling I had — of calm, centred, self-assurance — that feeling was worth sharing. 

I signed up for my teacher training, and (as many will say) it was a life-changing experience. I was at the same time both ready and completely unprepared for the learning and insight I would gain not only into the practice, but also myself. 

Teaching yoga has been, and continues to be, one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. At the core, students come to yoga to feel good, whether physically, mentally, or emotionally, and to be able to facilitate that simple goodness in people’s lives is a privilege of which I never grow tired. 

In 2017, I began training teachers as an arm of Yoga Quota – a charity based in Oxford in which I had been teaching since 2016 (I would also later serve nearly 2 years as Yoga Quota’s CEO). Since 2017, I have trained over 100 yoga teachers, and strive to create industry-leading trainings which inspire, empower and nourish.

It was thrilling, deeply satisfying and moving to be responsible for facilitating journeys of self-discovery and transformation. I have never loved a “job” or community of people more. Training people to embark on the journey which had brought me so much joy seemed like a natural next step, enabling me to combine my love of yoga, social justice, community-building into one career.

In 2020, as COVID hit, I was able to found Nourish and buy-out the teacher training programs I’d previously created under Yoga Quota, ensuring continuity for my then-currently enrolled students and a future for programs to come. Since then, Nourish has established itself as an industry-leading training organisation focussing on inclusion, social justice and accessibility. It’s been a honour and a privilege to work with an incredible community of students and teachers who trust Nourish to be the critical and compassionate voice in what can sometimes feel like a world of wellness nonsense.

Excitingly, 2024 sees the publication of my first book, The Yoga Teacher’s Survival Guideco-edited with Theo Wildcroft. Click through to the page below for a more detailed CV & list of publications/podcasts.

our values

we put people and community at the heart of what we do and how we teach

Social Justice
we are committed to inclusion, accessibility and social justice

we prioritise joy, pleasure and humour

we search out and platform well-rounded, juicy information and research

we celebrate the many varied and diverse forms of yoga and practice

We want our trainees and graduates to feel empowered, curious, capable. To feel that they’ve been seen and heard and held in a space that celebrates them and makes them feel welcome. We want people finding us for the first time to feel relief, to feel like they’ve found a space to explore and lean into. To feel joyful and inspired.

We know you want to be seen and heard as a student, practitioner and yoga teacher. To be listened to, valued and respected. To have your questions considered sensitively. To have your assumptions gently challenged. To feel welcome. To belong to a community.

All too often we hear from students and teachers who have felt excluded, unwelcome, marginalised or shamed in yoga spaces. This can be for a variety of reasons, from being made to feel that they don’t have a “yoga body” through to a lack of trauma-awareness, cultural violence or financial obstacles.

Nourish Yoga Training is uniquely positioned to take on this work: social justice and inclusion form our very foundation. We take a personal, grounded, and dedicated approach to working with our students and community. We listen, adapt, grow and thrive with you.