Pleasure, prana, poetry

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Are you wanting to explore your relationship to pleasure in a yoga practice, to try making this your main guide on the mat? Or are you curious about how poetry, song, music can weave into a movement practice, how you can let the two blend together and produce so much richness and ease? Or perhaps you’re keen to meet sacred and nourishing contexts to your yoga practice outside the standard (and often patriarchal, casteist) canon? Join Simran, a poet, yoga teacher, and translator, for this New Year, online co-practice series.

This series is an invitational, accessible space for exploring the lusher side of a yoga practice together: the territory of joy and pleasure in the body, expressive and creative approaches to asana and flows, and above all, movements emerging from your own live, resourcing, luscious experiences of sensation through the body. There’ll be space to reflect and share, and space to enjoy beautiful, hugely engaging sacred and popular music and poetry – the electrifying qawwali of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen, Kabir’s playful, confronting poetry, Nanak’s gorgeous, extraordinary lyrics, even soaring Sufi power ballads from the last decade of Bollywood, and much else.

We’ll use frameworks shaped by the widest range of contexts – prana and ‘desire-energy’ in 20th century Tibetan tantra, sacred medieval love poetry from Sufi and bhakti traditions in North India, the work of Audre Lorde, and even affect theory. We’ll hold space to cultivate, relish, explore and trust the sensations of pleasure and desire that can come through movement and the rest of a yoga practice; and we’ll see how poetry, song, music, and other artforms – sacred, popular, and both! – can support and expand across the board.

We’ll come together once a month over six months, for a practice led by Simran and a mellow, carefully facilitated space for reflecting on or sharing about how your practice has been feeling – in that session, over the course of the month, or more widely. Alongside this, each month you’ll receive a lovingly curated package of songs, poems, short readings and even videos of particularly iconic performances across artforms to enjoy however you like. These will come with lots of easy-reading resources – including new, radical and accessible translations not available elsewhere!

This course is open to everyone: there is no level of yoga experience required, but the course is intended to be a monthly top-up and check-in, supporting and resourcing your own movement and/or rest practices – whatever they might look like. Please reach out if you have any questions, and particularly to discuss any accessibility requirements – we look forward to hearing from you!


We believe in the importance and value of this training, and would like to offer a scaled pricing system, which enables attendees to pay which tier feels most appropriate for them. Please note there are NO further discounts available (i.e. no student discounts, etc).

Community price £139
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Supporter price £199

About the facilitator

Simran Uppal

(they/them) is a yoga teacher, writer and organiser based in East London. As a yoga teacher, Simran works predominantly as a faculty member for 200hr and advanced 300hr teacher trainings with Nourish, an inclusive and community-oriented teacher training company based in Oxford. They’ve also led a wide range of CPD and public workshops in the US, across the UK, and more widely. They focus on critical approaches to the philosophical and social contexts of modern yoga, experiential and embodied forms of education, and creative, expressive movement and rest practices rooted in their own experiences of devotion, bliss, and joy in the body.