sarah cesek

I started practicing yoga as a late-teen and fell in love with it pretty quickly. I loved the energy, the challenge, and the focus it demanded and felt I experienced more and more magic with each class that I attended. My mat became a place where I felt safe, and a place of growth and discovery.

In 2014 I travelled to Rishikesh, India to train to teach Vinyasa and Hatha yoga and meditation. Afterwards I moved to Australia where I taught in studios in Melbourne and Brisbane whilst continuing to develop my own practice. Having a steady stream of pregnant people in my classes encouraged me to do further training in pregnancy yoga, opening my eyes to the huge positive impact yoga can have on pregnancy as well as birth. Becoming pregnant myself awhile later allowed me to experience this firsthand.

Attending Active Birth classes throughout my pregnancy installed confidence in my ability to give birth and empowered me to make choices that were right for me and my partner and I went on to have a beautiful, positive birth experience. Read more about Active Birth and my own experience here. Inspired by my own transformative experience, in 2018 I trained with Janet Balaskas at the Active Birth center in London to become an Active Birth teacher. I currently offer birth preparation workshops for expectant parents, incorporating Active Birth’s unique blend of practical knowledge and movement to use during birth.

During my own post-natal journey I once again turned to yoga for support. Not only could I strengthen and nurture by tired body, but also find a space of calm in a very demanding day. Inspired to spread the love, after completing a further training with Bliss Baby Yoga I now teach post-natal yoga in my ‘Yoga for Mums’ classes, which incorporate a mix of specific strengthening exercises and much-needed restorative postures.