Covid-19 Policy

Summary: Our Covid-19 Policy & Other Resources     

On 25th July, the Government outlined measures that would allow indoor gyms, swimming pools and sports facilities to re-open. 

It is these guidelines, in combination with referral to policies drawn up by trusted bodies focused specifically on in-person yoga practice,  as well as trusted studios both within and without Oxford, which have informed Nourish Yoga Training’s Covid-19 Policy. 

For the most part, Nourish Yoga Training will be implementing Prana Yoga Oxford’s pre-existing Covid-19 Policies and Procedures (see Section 2). Because of the differences in requirements between running a yoga class and a yoga teacher training session it has sometimes been necessary to include further policies and procedures. 

  • To view the Government’s full guidelines for sport gyms and leisure facilities, click here
  • To view the Government’s general guidance on Covid-19, click here.
  • To view the Government’s guidance on the use and exemptions of use of facemasks, click here

Nourish Yoga Training is proud of our community and we take our responsibility to keep both trainees and trainers safe seriously. We ask all members to be reflective and responsible about their safety and wellbeing, abiding by this policy to keep our whole community as safe as possible. 

Prana Yoga Oxford’s Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

Nourish Yoga Training has hired the studio spaces at Prana Yoga Oxford to facilitate its in-person teaching. Prana Yoga Oxford has its own policies and procedures to keep teachers and students safe while in the studio. While at the studio, we ask that our teachers and trainees follow Prana Yoga Oxford’s policies, as detailed below.

Where appropriate, Nourish Yoga Training has shortened or removed policy points to reflect the needs of those practicing as a Nourish Yoga Training trainee or teacher. However, you can view Prana Yoga Oxford’s full policy here

Your safety at Prana will include:

  • Social distancing of 4 sq. meters per person
  • Floor markings denoting mat placement and social distancing while practicing
  • New traffic flow in studio with separate entrances and exits
  • Hand sanitiser, wipes, gloves, and masks provided
  • Masks required before and after class
  • Limited class size of 10 students per class

Upon arrival/departure to a studio class you will: 

  • Be dressed in yoga gear and bring your own mat/equipment*. 
  • Be asked to wear a mask in the studio before class begins
  • Remain socially distant (along drive) should others be waiting for entry
  • Enter through the front door, and bring shoes and all belongings to the back of the studio
  • Take a wipe (and gloves/mask if desired) to clean your personal floor area after class. 
  • Find a spot to practice using floor markings and dot for mat placement
  • Upon leaving, giving other students space and time to gather belongings and exit
  • Exit through the back door (which will be left open)

A few more guidelines:

  • Mat rental and studio equipment will not be in use for the time being*, please bring your own
  • Changing areas will be closed, so please arrive in your yoga gear (as best you can)
  • Masks will be required, so please bring one, otherwise we have them on hand and for sale
  • Toilet will be available, but please use the disinfectant provided to wipe down surfaces upon departure 
  • Wash hands thoroughly and use hand sanitiser provided.

*Please use our bolsters, as long as you bring your own clean towel to cover the whole bolster.

Policies and Procedures: Trainees

  • Trainees must not attend training sessions if they are feeling unwell, are experiencing symptoms, or someone in their household is experiencing symptoms. Nourish will support students to complete a catch up session, wherever possible minimising delay to their training schedule.
  • Trainees will be temperature checked upon arrival. A temperature of 37.8 celsius or above will result in the trainee being asked to return home and arrange a catch up session for missed modules.
  • We will be using an air purifier during sessions to improve air quality. When using the upstairs studio we will keep the rear door open to improve air flow, this could result in the studio being cooler, please ensure you bring warm clothes and/or a blanket to ensure you stay warm.
  • Trainees will be asked to wear masks when moving about the studio, going to the bathroom etc. It is recommended (not required) that trainees wear a mask or face covering whilst lecture or theoretical sessions are being delivered. Masks are not required to be worn during practices or practical sessions.
  • Before and after training sessions, and during breaks, especially when not on premises, trainees are asked to be mindful of physical distancing guidelines, and maintain a distance of 1 metre + from others. Trainees will be asked to sanitise their hands upon returning to the studio after breaks.

Policies and Procedures: Trainers

  • Trainers are not to facilitate a session when feeling unwell, are experiencing symptoms, or someone in their household is experiencing symptoms. Trainers are to notify Harriet as soon as practicable when they are feeling unwell so appropriate cover teaching can be arranged. If cover teaching cannot be arranged and the trainer is well enough, the session may be swapped to online learning if appropriate.
  • Trainers must take accurate and complete records of attendance via our momo booking system so we can support track-and-trace if necessary.
  • Upon arrival, trainers are to temperature check themselves and trainees. If a trainer reports a temperature of 37.8 celsius or higher, they are to phone Harriet immediately so an appropriate response can be put together.
  • If a trainee measures a temperature of 37.8 celsius or higher:
    • They are NOT to enter the studio
    • They are NOT to remove their mask or face covering
    • They must NOT attend the training session
    • Trainer to contact Harriet to inform, so Harriet can support trainee to arrange a catch up session.
  • We will be using an air purifier during sessions to improve air quality. When utilising both downstairs and upstairs studios on a training day, trainers are required to move the air purifier as needed, and operate according to the instructions. When using the upstairs studio, trainers are to keep the rear door ajar or open at all times to improve air flow. 
  • When teaching, trainers are required to stay within their designated space at all times, and not move around the teaching space. Wearing a mask is not required for trainers during teaching, however you are asked to wear one while moving about the space, using the bathroom, greeting trainees and taking their temperature.
  • Trainers are asked to be mindful of physical distancing guidelines and remind trainees where necessary to observe a distance of at least 1 metre + between each other.
  • Trainers are asked to refrain from teaching some pranayama and other practices which could promote airborne transmission. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Forced exhalation/sighing breaths
    • Kapalbhati & Bastrika pranayama
    • Golden thread pranayama
    • Chanting or vocal exercises
  • Trainers are to refrain from hands-on adjustments (both trainer-trainee and trainee-trainee).