Attendance Policy

Author: Harriet McAtee, Director

1. Summary: Our Attendance Policy

We require 100% attendance to graduate and receive a certificate of completion from our program. Class attendance will be taken throughout the training.

1a. Emergency Absences

In the case of any emergency absences, please notify the Lead Trainer as soon as is practically possible, and certainly before the class in question commences. An ‘emergency absence’ is defined as any decision not to attend a class taken within 12 hours of class commencement. . If a student has planned absences that conflict with attendance in the program, please contact the Lead Trainer to discuss options.

1b. Missed Sessions

Each student is responsible for scheduling make-up sessions with the Lead Trainer If students are not able to attend a make-up session scheduled within another stream, they may pay a fee to schedule a private make-up session with a teacher.

1c. Punctuality

Each student is expected to be at each session 15 minutes before the start time in order to set up and so that the training may start on time. If the student is late more than 4 times, this will result in a deduction of 1 hour from their total contact hours. This time will need to be scheduled in a make-up session with the Lead Trainer.

1d. Absences

A leave of absence from the program will be granted due to medical disability or other extraordinary circumstances at the discretion of the Lead Trainer. In this case our refund policy will apply to unused tuition and the student must reapply for the next available stream and pay the difference, if any, of any remaining tuition and/or any related administrative fees. If tuition is increased for the next available stream, the student must pay the higher rate.

2. Withdrawal Policy

If a student wishes to withdraw from our program for any reason, they must first contact the Lead Trainer to discuss their reasons for withdrawal. Refunds will be given in accordance with the program’s refund policy.

3. Termination from Programme

The program may decide to terminate any student’s participation in the program if:

(1) false information was used in the admission process that materially affects the program;
(2) a student missed more than 20 % of any subject category;
(3) a student is absent for more than 4 consecutive sessions without contacting the Lead Trainer;
(4) the student fails to make timely payments of tuition

Prior to termination, students will receive a written warning if:

(1) a student is absent for more than 3 sessions without contacting the Lead Trainer;
(2) the student fails to make more than 2 payments in a timely manner.

If the program decides to end the student’s participation in the program, the student is not entitled to any prior payments or fees. All prior payments and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

4. Termination from Programme: Bad Conduct

No refunds will be given if the program removes a student from the program for bad conduct. Bad conduct is violation of the Code of Conduct, gossip, harassment, bullying, or any other behaviour that is inappropriate or disruptive to the welfare of the program or to fellow students.