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An invaluable archive of resources for teachers and practitioners who are seeking to continue their learning in a compassionate, informed and inclusive environment.


Our online classes prioritise joy, pleasure and humour.


We strive to provide classes which are inclusive and accessible for all bodies.


At the heart of the Community Library is the community it serves. We put you first.

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We  offer a scaled pricing system, which enables members to pay what feels most appropriate for them.

All membership levels receive access to the same content within the Community Library.


£ 8 Per Month


£ 10 Per Month


£ 12 Per Month


£ 89 Per Year


We strive to provide classes which are inclusive and accessible for all bodies. Regardless of your experience and abilities, we believe you will find classes in the Community Library to suit your needs.

You can choose to pay in monthly: £8/£10/£12 per month, or £89 per year.

YES! We have a sliding scale for our monthly subscription to keep the Community Library accessible – but everyone receives the same thing whether you are paying monthly or annually. 

Yes! If your circumstances change and you want to move up or down our sliding scale for monthly membership, you can by logging into the Community Library, heading to your account subscription details, and simply click “Change Plan.” You’ll be asked to re-register for the new membership tier and your billing cycle will be prorated to start on the date you changed.

We update the library on a fortnightly basis, so you’ll always have new classes to try. 


So far, you can find classes with Harriet McAtee, Elise Tassell, Venetia Adamson, Becky Varey & Simran Uppal – the list may grow in the future!


Within the community library, you can expect to find… 

  • Our filter system, enabling you to filter classes by teacher, duration, and intensity
  • The comments section, where you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and connect to other students (and your teachers)
  • Classes that you love! Our goal is to create a range of classes that are inclusive, joyful and person-centred, which empower students in their practice and deliver sessions that brighten your day…

If you subscribe to our Community Library annually, you legally have a 14 days cooling period where you can cancel your subscription and be refunded (for our full T’s & C’s, click here). After 14 days, we cannot refund your annual subscription. If you subscribe monthly, you can cancel anytime – and your cancellation with take effect in the next calendar month (you won’t be refunded for the month you cancel, but you won’t pay from the following month onwards). 


Your membership fee goes where it should: we pay our teachers first, by assuring an agreed percentage of revenue (not profit) goes towards supporting the teachers who feature on the Community Library;  once our teachers are paid, we cover the costs of the Community Library and tax, then reinvest the remainder back into Nourish to help us grow.

Try a short class before joining

Thinking about joining our Community Library? Try one of our classes for free before you subscribe – it’s on us!